About Us

Kulpmont Winery was born from the dream of two friends.  Rich and John were two guys who had big dreams and were always thinking of the next best thing.  The had many ideas in their long conversations, but most of them went unfulfilled.  Kulpmont Winery wasn't one of those dreams!

John took a wine making class several years back and began making wine for his family and friends.  His wine making techniques quickly developed and the wine he made began to get better and better.  Friends and family constantly asked John for bottles of his wine.  He was happy to give these bottles of wine away to see the excitement of the people who enjoyed drinking these bottles.

This is where Rich came in! Rich told John that he was convinced that we could make this wine and people would buy it.  Blowing it off as another big dream that they would never see come true, their conversations continued.  They continued until around late in 2015 when they decided make this dream a reality.

The Kulpmont Winery was born!
"Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy."

Benjamin Franklin

Unlike most traditional wineries, Kulpmont Winery isn't in the grape growing business.  We are in the wine making business.  While we don't currently have a vineyard, but our wines are made just as good.  We make our wine from high quality grape juice.  We get all our juice from four distinct growing regions of the world including California and New York. These regions produce some of the best wines in the United States, if not the world.  We also make our wines from juice from Italy and South America.  Italian wine has spoken for itself for many years.  It is highly regarded and drank by millions of people throughout the world. South America is quickly becoming a great growing region with their wine production rising. These South American wines are now considered a desired wine. While most vineyards harvest their grapes in October and November, South American vineyards harvest in February and March. These different harvest times allow 
us at the Kulpmont Winery to produce high quality wines all year round with new vintages coming out every several months.
"Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age."

Pope John XXIII