Coal Region Wines

Our coal region line of wines are to be enjoyed by those who prefer the sweeter wines. 
These wines are great to enjoy at all occasions and will quickly become your favorite
everyday drinking wines.

All our non-fruit coal region wines are made with classic wine juice, mostly out of
Canada.  We create all your favorite wines and then add our own twist.  We take
dry wines and give them their sweetness by adding natural fruit flavors.  These wines then age for
anywhere between 3 to 6 months to produce a extremely enjoyable wine that can be enjoyed
by all different wine drinkers.  You'll quickly become addicted to these wines.

Our coal region fruit wines are made with straight fruit juice.  We've created an enjoyable
wine that highlights the natural flavors of the fruits.  These delightful wines will leave you
always asking for more.

Our coal region wines are quickly becoming known for what we term as "drinking wine".
These aren't wines you're going to put in your basement for several years to become "better
with age".  These wines are meant to be enjoyed now!

Special coal region wines will be available throughout different times during the year.  The
best way to obtain the most up-to-date information is to join the Kulpmont Wine Club! Join
online today and stay current with the Kulpmont Winery.
Raspberry Kiss
A delectable refreshing White Zinfandel is front and center in this wine.  The plum and berry notes pair perfectly with the flavor of sweet, ripe raspberries to create a succulent mouth-watering blush wine.
The Dark Side
Ruby red merlot has become the poster child of the wine industry.  This is where we start with this wine.  We play off the richness of berries and fruits that naturally bursts from the merlot grapes and enhance it.  By adding the fresh picked flavor of black raspberries to this wine we've created an easy drinking smooth treat.
Christmas Blush (Seasonal-Limited Quantities)
With obtaining our license so late in 2016, we were unable to produce this wine for 2016.  Look for this delicious wine around late October 2017.
Pop My Cherry
Pinot Noir and its cherry spice flavors are just enhanced by the addition of a black cherry flavoring.  Enjoy this black cherry flavor without having to deal with the pits.  The intense fruit flavor is just what we wanted from this wine without being overbearing.
Apple of my Eye
This was the wine that started it all! This semi sweet wine pairs a Riesling grape with the flavor of green apple.  These flavors provide a tug of war on your taste buds.  Is this wine crisp, like biting into a crunchy green apple or does the tartness come through? This pleasant flavor along with slight acidity of the Riesling grape creates a cool clean finish that's a delight on your palate.
Juicy Watermelon
The delicate finish and strawberry notes of White Merlot is on display.  It's paired with the crispness and juicy sweetness of watermelon.  Serve it chilled and you'll think you're biting into a nice slice of fresh watermelon.
Perfect Pear
Taste what a Sauvignon Blanc on steriods has to offer.  We pair this soft delicate wine with another fruit that grows on a vine, a kiwi.  It doesn't stop there as additional flavoring provides a rich pear aroma.  All this while the Sauvignon Blanc provides hints of pineapple and banana.  All these flavors meld beautifully in this refreshing wine.
Exotic Dancer
Let the luscious fruit run wild on your taste buds.  With the natural berry and plum flavors already prominent in the White Zinfandel as we kick it up a notch by introducing the flavors of blackberry, strawberry, passionfruit and blackcurrant.  This combination is nicely balanced with a tangy finish.
Life's a Peach
The world's most popular white wine is the base of this thirst-quenching wine.  Chardonnay is paired with the delightful flavors of peach and apricot.  The subtle hints of citrus, fruit flavors and dryness in the Chardonnay are only enhanced by the flavoring producing a delightful wine that is perfect for any occasion.
Fruit Fusion
Some people spend precious time making their own sangria.  With this wine, we do the work for you! We infuse this wine with the flavors of sweet ripe raspberries and juicy peaches to create the perfect summer drink, but can be drank anytime thoughout the year.  All these flavors together produce a fruity and refreshing drink.
Strawberry Fields Forever
Bright and refreshing, this wine provides tangy acidity and delicate finish already in White Merlot and enhaced strawberry flavors already in existence.  The natural strawberry flavor provides a pleasant sweetness that creates a lively wine that was always meant to be paired together.
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